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Jewellery and Tradition

Every bride will repeatedly recite the traditional “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.”  They will also usually rack their brains out trying to think of ways that they can carry out the tradition.  Bridal garters with blue bows on and borrowed handkerchiefs are the most common ways but wedding jewellery can also play a huge part.

Something Old
This could very easily be a piece of jewellery.  A family heirloom piece maybe or something that has belonged to someone who has passed away that was very close to you. There may be something of the bride’s mother that has been passed down to her that the bride particularly likes which she could wear for the day.  This makes the traditional part of the wedding run all the way through it.  Weddings are, by nature, traditional events, and wearing something that has been handed down from generation to generation within the family keeps tradition going.  Maybe there is a particular piece of jewellery that every bride in the family has worn and to wear that would be very special.

Something New
This could, of course, be your own choice of bridal jewellery.  A particular piece that you find romantic and appealing could actually become a treasured family heirloom eventually.  Not only that but it would be something for the bride to wear and remember the special day that she first wore it to take her wedding vows.

Something Borrowed
This could easily apply to a piece of jewelry.  A ring or bracelet that belongs to someone close to the bride could be loaned for the day.  The person who is lending the item would feel very proud and privileged and the bride would save the expense of buying a similar item.  If there isn’t anything that fits the bill, it is also a possibility that you could rent out a piece of jewelry.  Many jewelers will rent out jewelry for a fee plus a refundable deposit, which may mean that you can find a more expensive item that you could normally afford, but it would cost you much less.

Something Blue
It is possible to buy jewellery items that fit in with this.  A pendant or ring which has a central sapphire would look stunning, the same goes for earrings.  If sapphires are too dark, how about aquamarine or blue topaz?  If you don’t want the blue to show, wear something that is covered.  If you have a high necked gown a pendant could be worn underneath it.  You could also go for a headdress with blue stones in it or slides in your hair.
With just a little bit of thought and ingenuity, it is more than possible to cover the saying in just a few pieces of jewellery.  Every bride should shine on her wedding day and with the right jewellery she can.  She can also follow the traditions on her wedding day with just the right touches of jewellery.

Fantastic Wedding

A friend of a friend of a friend kinda thing, got married last weekend, I went along as my other half’s plus one, so didn’t really know many people there other than a handful of mutual friends (not ones who I even know very well to be fair! But it was a really good wedding and I can’t remember the last time I said something like that about a wedding.

It just started off well and continued that way for the entire day. OK it was a church do, which isn’t really my thing, but they managed to jazz it up a little by having a gospel band there, it was very handy as pretty much nobody in the congregation sang at all, but they really belted it out at the right times and did some very quiet background melodies to create a really good atmosphere. So we left there for the reception already being quite impressed.

Then they jumped in their car amidst a torrent of confetti and drove off, we all milled around for a few minutes, then wandered back to the car in the blazing sunshine (it really was a fantastic sunny day) and followed on to the reception.  When we got there we has drinks out on the lawn, it was a great venue, a converted barn, with marquees outside too one for the catering and another with a disco in it, all done to a very high standard, and who should be there in the corner, the gospel band again, they continued singing for about an hour outside while we all had a few glasses of champaign on the lawn, so again, it was nice. I think this was the marquee hire company, who are worth a mention as the marquees were fantastic, spotless and decked out inside really nicely (the venue one, not the catering one of course!)

Then we came inside to the tables, kind of dreading the speeches, but food first 🙂 that was pretty good too, although by this point I was starting to realise they had spent a small fortune on the day, so out came the starters, I had a mozzarella and avocado salad, the veggie option, followed by a vegetable tart thing, it was lovely, my other half had the meat and said it was equally good. So a few drinks later and the speeches started, first the brides father, he got up made a couple of jokes, thanked everyone he needed to and sat back down again, phew! Then the best man, this was a bit longer, but was almost like a comedy stand up gig, he was hilarious, the whole crowd was in stitches.  Oh I think the groom also stood up and said a couple of words, but that was literally it, so we got off lightly there too.

Then we went back outside (lucky it was a sunny day) where some tables and chairs had been laid out, we could see the staff furiously rearranging the inside and pulled back a curtain which was at the end of the hall and we could see a fair sized stage with a disco set up on one side and a drum kit and guitar near the middle with various microphones dotted around too.

When we went back in the disco was playing, quite quietly and a buffet was already being laid out on a table to the side, a little early I thought, but apparently everything had been running late (not that I had noticed) so it was being laid out before the catering staff left.

Anyway, the disco played for about an hour as the evening guests started to arrive, then after the volume had crept up a bit, the band walked out on stage, a four piece band with a lady singer, drummer, guitarist and keyboard player who doubled up as an extra percussionist and saxophone player, apparently a well known wedding band, they belted out the hits and some classics for the oldies, were very good and kept the dance floor packed all night.  They did 2 sets, the first was a bit more sophisticated and included more classic hits, the second part was more of a good old knees up, apparently this was exactly what the groom had asked them to do.

I was very impressed so thought I would give them a quick plug as they are a highly professional wedding band in Swindon, Wiltshire, they also do corporate functions and do a cocktail pianist set too so if you need a good party band, I would suggest checking them out, If I ever get married and am looking for wedding bands I’ll certainly be getting back to them. I didn’t get the details of the gospel singers too which I’m a bit disappointed about, but then again I suppose I wouldn’t want it to be exactly the same as theirs.

Indian Wedding Jewellery

It is not possible even to think about the Indian wedding without the jewellery. Indians have their own cultural design and belief for the jewels. As wedding is such a holy occasion in the bride’s life, she is decked up by golden jewels on the wedding day. You can check any Indian wedding if you want to have a look at the design and cultural value for the Indian value. A bride can never get married without getting fully accessorised with all the jewels all over the body. Bride must be adorned by her realities or parents by giving wedding favours full of various accessories.

A gorgeous wedding sari with combination with Indian Jewellery makes a stunning look for the bride and makes an irresistible combination for anyone to ignore. Some must have trend in the jewellery is a neck piece to be worn at the centre. It is generally a long necklace and reaches to the end of the bride’s blouse. There can be a big piece of diamond on the Pendle. Here emerald and Rubies also are very likely to be included.

Waistband (called as kamarbandh) looks astonish appealing when worn on the traditional sari. Although it is considered as old fashioned for the regular wearing in India but still for wedding it is one of the most desirable jewellery to wear on.

Same can be said for the nose ring. It gives a very cute and elegant touch to the bride and is always a key component of indian bridal jewellery. It is generally worn with a side chain going towards ear and gives brides face a glittering look in Indian nath i.e. piercing of the nose is quite common for the bride and bride always use to wear nose ring on there nath only.

Bangles are always designed to give a smooth and shiny pattern. For wedding they prefer wide band bangles which are generally heavy to weigh and there are many stones and diamonds carved in it. Here the design of the bangles area always matched with all other accessories. As it is the mist spotted jewellery for the Indian bride. While selecting earrings, you have to be careful not to go for heavy earrings and to select the gold type and design according to the necklace. For earrings it looks great to have tops and danglers. Remember there will undoubtedly be many people there with cameras, not to mention the official wedding photographer, so it’s essential to look your best, as you are likely to be immortalised in numerous photographs.

Nowadays the Indian wedding designs seem to be the combinations of the traditional aspects with modern additions such as the jodha akbar style. Suppose for gems used in gold and Kundan is the sample of the traditional admiring while diamonds and rubies in the jewellery shows the adaptation of the new and recent trends for the Indian bridal decorations. If you really want to have a look at the Indian bridal jewellery, find its designs by searching for the historical styles of the queens of the ancient India. With time many other cultures like Arabs, Islam, and French and at last British took the command of the Indian with passage of time and eventually it influenced the Indian way of jewellery and resulted into the current design that we see now.