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Indian Wedding Jewellery

It is not possible even to think about the Indian wedding without the jewellery. Indians have their own cultural design and belief for the jewels. As wedding is such a holy occasion in the bride’s life, she is decked up by golden jewels on the wedding day. You can check any Indian wedding if you want to have a look at the design and cultural value for the Indian value. A bride can never get married without getting fully accessorised with all the jewels all over the body. Bride must be adorned by her realities or parents by giving wedding favours full of various accessories.

A gorgeous wedding sari with combination with Indian Jewellery makes a stunning look for the bride and makes an irresistible combination for anyone to ignore. Some must have trend in the jewellery is a neck piece to be worn at the centre. It is generally a long necklace and reaches to the end of the bride’s blouse. There can be a big piece of diamond on the Pendle. Here emerald and Rubies also are very likely to be included.

Waistband (called as kamarbandh) looks astonish appealing when worn on the traditional sari. Although it is considered as old fashioned for the regular wearing in India but still for wedding it is one of the most desirable jewellery to wear on.

Same can be said for the nose ring. It gives a very cute and elegant touch to the bride and is always a key component of indian bridal jewellery. It is generally worn with a side chain going towards ear and gives brides face a glittering look in Indian nath i.e. piercing of the nose is quite common for the bride and bride always use to wear nose ring on there nath only.

Bangles are always designed to give a smooth and shiny pattern. For wedding they prefer wide band bangles which are generally heavy to weigh and there are many stones and diamonds carved in it. Here the design of the bangles area always matched with all other accessories. As it is the mist spotted jewellery for the Indian bride. While selecting earrings, you have to be careful not to go for heavy earrings and to select the gold type and design according to the necklace. For earrings it looks great to have tops and danglers. Remember there will undoubtedly be many people there with cameras, not to mention the official wedding photographer, so it’s essential to look your best, as you are likely to be immortalised in numerous photographs.

Nowadays the Indian wedding designs seem to be the combinations of the traditional aspects with modern additions such as the jodha akbar style. Suppose for gems used in gold and Kundan is the sample of the traditional admiring while diamonds and rubies in the jewellery shows the adaptation of the new and recent trends for the Indian bridal decorations. If you really want to have a look at the Indian bridal jewellery, find its designs by searching for the historical styles of the queens of the ancient India. With time many other cultures like Arabs, Islam, and French and at last British took the command of the Indian with passage of time and eventually it influenced the Indian way of jewellery and resulted into the current design that we see now.

The chandni chowk market

Markets are a necessity. No city could exist without one. Markets are places that contain all the necessities of life. People sell their goods and earn for their livelihood, while others can buy their sources of livelihood from here. India is a country full of markets. They represent a country’s cultural and traditional background. Some in India are very old while some are new. Chandni chowk is one of the oldest bazaars in India. It is also one of the famous markets in india. It dates back to the mughal time period when processions would pass through the chandni chowk. This market is also a source of tourist attraction in India.

The chandni chowk literally means silver light. It is located in Delhi, the walled city which is one of the most important cities in India, financially and economically. Now the chandni chowk bazar is considered the grandest of all the markets in India. It is now congested because of the increasing buyers and sellers and a lot of traffic and pollution. The streets of the bazars are very narrow. There is not much space for bigger vehicles to pass through them. Many sellers sit out on the roads with their carts laden with a lot of goods. There is a lot of bargaining done in this market.

Moreover, this bazar is, no doubt a traditional mark of India. Displaying all the hand made products by women at home, the chandni chowk market stands out among all of them, as one enters the market, an aroma of different foods enters the nose. There are alot of food items such as kachoris , samosas , jalebis and other items that attract people especially foreign visitors . A lot of restaurants are present that provide food items that are much more delicious than five star restaurants, however they are not hygienic.

There are sellers sitting with their stalls, containing a variety of items, ranging from clothes, laces, classic indian jewellery, books, stationary items and a lot more things that are beyond one’s imagination. The chandni chowk market being the most famous and oldest and the grandest of all markets is India is also one reason for the income generating source. It is a place rich in Indian culture. TheĀ  hub is so famous that even bollywood directors also decided to use it in their movie ‘kabhi khushi kabhi ghum’. It is a place full of havelis. Havelis are those big houses that are just like mansions with large backyards. They are historical types of houses. A number of hotels and restaurants are present that provide great service to the visitors, a service that can never be forgotten. This place was shown in many many other bollywood movies that made it more popular all around the world. These movies showed chandni chowk as a place full of locals, with their dresses being the traditional ones and their food and lifestyles also being traditional. People with big, long black moustaches can be imagined with the name of chandni chowk. It is no doubt a place full of lustre and attraction and anybody would want to visit it and spend some memorable days there