Annie Lennox Tribute Band

Party Band Pop of Ages Extend their Reach

The locally well known party band, Pop of Ages have a new act, the Annie Lennox Tribute, they do two different shows, either the diva show, which is dedicated to the solo songs, or the Eurythmics show, as you may expect, this one has all Eurythmics songs instead.

Pop of ages have been around for several years playing at private parties, balls and weddings with a broad repertoire ranging from modern acts such as the Kings of Leon, Lady Ga Ga and Amy Winehouse, through the 70’s and 80’s with songs from the likes of Phil Collins, Queen and Dolly Parton, right back to old classics from the 60’s including the Mamas and Pappas, the Kinks and of course no set would be complete without the occasional Beatles song thrown in. They are about the only professional party band I know of, actually gigging pretty much every weekend and traveling up and down the country to do so. Most bands seem to have a full time job and just fit playing live in around that where they can. This gives them a bit of an advantage in that they are able to pack up the PA, lights and instruments and set off to play further afield, because they can leave earlier.

The new tribute act will certainly require some traveling to play, being a tribute they will probably have requests from much further afield than the local counties.  After all it could be a dedicated Eurythmics fan’s birthday up in the north, so they will have to make their way all the way up there, but not only set everything up but also take various costumes and probably have a few quick changes during the set. They have a new site dedicated purely to the new show, it’s called the Annie Lennox tribute and it provides a lot more information about the members and the songs they play.