Jewellery and Tradition

Every bride will repeatedly recite the traditional “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.”  They will also usually rack their brains out trying to think of ways that they can carry out the tradition.  Bridal garters with blue bows on and borrowed handkerchiefs are the most common ways but wedding jewellery can also play a huge part.

Something Old
This could very easily be a piece of jewellery.  A family heirloom piece maybe or something that has belonged to someone who has passed away that was very close to you. There may be something of the bride’s mother that has been passed down to her that the bride particularly likes which she could wear for the day.  This makes the traditional part of the wedding run all the way through it.  Weddings are, by nature, traditional events, and wearing something that has been handed down from generation to generation within the family keeps tradition going.  Maybe there is a particular piece of jewellery that every bride in the family has worn and to wear that would be very special.

Something New
This could, of course, be your own choice of bridal jewellery.  A particular piece that you find romantic and appealing could actually become a treasured family heirloom eventually.  Not only that but it would be something for the bride to wear and remember the special day that she first wore it to take her wedding vows.

Something Borrowed
This could easily apply to a piece of jewelry.  A ring or bracelet that belongs to someone close to the bride could be loaned for the day.  The person who is lending the item would feel very proud and privileged and the bride would save the expense of buying a similar item.  If there isn’t anything that fits the bill, it is also a possibility that you could rent out a piece of jewelry.  Many jewelers will rent out jewelry for a fee plus a refundable deposit, which may mean that you can find a more expensive item that you could normally afford, but it would cost you much less.

Something Blue
It is possible to buy jewellery items that fit in with this.  A pendant or ring which has a central sapphire would look stunning, the same goes for earrings.  If sapphires are too dark, how about aquamarine or blue topaz?  If you don’t want the blue to show, wear something that is covered.  If you have a high necked gown a pendant could be worn underneath it.  You could also go for a headdress with blue stones in it or slides in your hair.
With just a little bit of thought and ingenuity, it is more than possible to cover the saying in just a few pieces of jewellery.  Every bride should shine on her wedding day and with the right jewellery she can.  She can also follow the traditions on her wedding day with just the right touches of jewellery.