Marketing Online for Tourist Sites

Pretty much every company has a website these days from the retailing giants and ebay through to the smallest of home based companies, all chasing after those customers who search the web for their latest purchase as opposed to trekking down to the local shops instead.

The tourist industry is a prime example of this with the vast majority of customers searching and buying holidays, day trips and weekend breaks on the internet, and even more researching them this way on the various review and information sites. So it’s essential for every company in the sector to have a strong web presence, ideally in both the search engines and on social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Myspace (I’m not going to go into Twitter here as I personally have yet to see or be convinced of any real benefit from it so far, although I am very much open to suggestions on how to better use it), that being said it’s a good idea to check with one of the known experts like Eco SEO or perhaps someone from one of the big SEO forums like SEO Chat or UK Business Forums before you take my word for it. .

Many of the tourist related websites are absolutely huge, integrating feeds from other sources such as flight information and aggregating data from other places to be displayed relative to what you are searching for on that site.  Many of them also send out monthly, weekly or even daily emails with information on last minute deals and special offers, so subscribing to them can prove to be beneficial if you are looking for a cheap holiday or a bit of a bargain.

There are also many more websites providing information about services you may need when on holiday, these include hotels, guest houses and B&B’s, whilst these are often small sites, they often have information and links to other local companies and attractions, this is a great way for those smaller companies to gain some exposure, as this interlinking between sites not only passes the site visitors around a network of useful and locally owned sites, but also this tells Google that your sites are related, they can also see this by the theme of the pages and even the addresses and telephone numbers on there confirms that there is a direct correlation between pages.

However, getting targeted visitors to your website may not be this easy, when I say targeted, I mean the type of visitors who actually want what you are offering, for example if your website appears for the term “cheap guest house in Wiltshire” but you are aiming for the luxury end of the market, you will not get the right type of visitors. this is where a good seo company can prove to be worth their weight in website visitors! They will make sure that you are focussing your pages on the right words for the market you wish to attract, so finding one who specialise in tourism seo will be even better as their experience will be invaluable having already worked with other travel and tourism related businesses.