Tourism in the West

Many more people have been staying in the UK for their holidays in the last couple of years, this is possibly mainly because of the recession which started in 2009 and really took hold in 2010, as many people simply didn’t have the money to splash about on foreign holidays. However, I would like to think there is a little more to it than just a financial decision and perhaps tourism in this country is picking up a bit.

When we say West, we generally are referring to the South West of the country, so Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire, Bristol and possibly even Gloucestershire could be considered the south west too. Wiltshire is the first county you are likely to reach if you are heading in from the East (I mean of the UK not Arabia etc) and one of the first towns many people like to stop off at is Marlborough because it is a very pretty little town and easily accessed from the M4 and A4, in fact, if you drive down the A4 it’s impossible to miss as the high street forms part of it.

As you pass through you can stop at many other historic towns such as Bradford on Avon, Cricklade, Melksham, Salisbury, these typically have numerous tourist attractions, such as Stonehenge and old buildings dating back many centuries. If you want to find the night-life you may want to stop off in Swindon, as this is a bustling city centre with all the restaurants, bars and clubs you could want with entertainment to suit most peoples tastes.

Once you start heading further West you will come to Devon and Cornwall, the pace of life is a bit slower down here, so expect to see lots of families milling around in the towns and villages, numerous walkers treading a path down the coastal paths and plenty of people out cycling, although the latter two will depend on what the weather is like. The further you head west, the warmer and wetter it’s likely to become, so it’s advisable to keep an umbrella in the car, or at the very least expect to spend a little more time than planned in the bars and cafes.

In the hight of the summer season some of the more popular resorts can get quite booked up, so it’s a good idea to book your hotel in advance, there are many hotels, guest houses and B&B’s to choose from, and particularly Dorset has many camp sites, ranging from fully equipped ones with their own club house, to a farmer who rents out a field with a tap and toilet.

Whilst most people would drive, the transport links are surprisingly good and you can get a train straight down to Plymouth from London, however be aware that travelling around may involve bus changes, but then again if you are on an adventurous type of break, this can provide the opportunity to stop off and visit a few places which you may have otherwise not considered.

For detailed information on all the counties, there are sites such as which offer detailed information on all the towns and tourist attractions in each area, they have quite a bit about the major towns such as Swindon and Salisbury.