Optimising for Local Search

There are a number of ways you can optimise a website for local search, particularly now the Google Local Listings have become so prominent on the first page of results.

The traditional way of approaching SEO on a local level, is to follow standard procedures, but making sure anyone who links to your website uses the town name. You can also add your company to regional directories, so If you are based in Wiltshire, you find any directories focused on the Wiltshire area or specifically to any towns in the county, such as Swindon, Calne, Devizes and Marlborough and make sure you are listed in those. There are also certain aspects on the pages which can help, such as using a place name in the title tag, and having your company address on the pages.

The other option these days is to have a Google local listing, these are very easy to add, although you may need to optimise it a little. In essence following the rules and guidelines set out is the best approach, as breaking any of these could mean that your listing does not appear as high as it could do otherwise. These listings can be a very good way to jump straight in on the first page of Googles search results, without having to spend a lot of money with SEO Companies or a PPC expert.